Vredestein Fortezza Senso

R 499.00 
RRP R 700.00 
SAVE 29%

If the Pro4 is closer to race, than the Fortezza Senso is closer to all-weather (as implied by the name!) This tire replaces the venerable TriComp, although it does retain the same compound technology and is of similar quality. The Vredestein tire isn't cheap but you are certainly paying for quality and year round durability.


This isn't going to be the best rolling tire, but then again it isn't sold for racing even if it sits in Vredestein's performance category. The Fortezza attempts to marry a solid puncture proof, weather resistant casing while retaining grip and confidence the whole year round (and yes, it will last a complete orbit of the sun!) The triple compound is designed to make the tire hold its rounded profile, rather than squaring off as is so common the problem with softer compound tires.


  • BRAND: Vredestein
  • MODEL: Fortezza Senso All Weather
  • SIZE: 700x23, 25mm
  • WEIGHT: 225, 240g
  • CASING/COMPOUND: TriComp (triple) compound
  • PSI: 87-145, 87-130
  • PUNCTURE PROTECTION: Excellent Protection


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