Vittoria Rubino MTB Pro Slick III Foldable Tyre

RRP R650.00
SAVE 85%

All new Rubino Pro features available with a slick tread pattern! A fast rolling slick tyre, for mountain bikes, with puncture protection and ideal for dry road courses


Nylon 120 TPI casing, market-standard for high performance, new 'Kevlar Endura 3D Compound' with high duration and exciting road-behaviou


Features of the Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick MTB Tyre

  • Great all round tyre for training
  • High mileage and long service life
  • Secure and comfortable on the MTB bike
  • Colours: various
  • Pressure: 3/6.5 bar, 45/95 psi
  • PRB puncture protection
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