Vittoria GATO 29er TNT Tubeless Tyre

R  419.99
RRP R  750.00
SAVE 45%

The Gato was designed for maximum grip and control in wet and loose conditions.


An aggressive tread with tall, widely spaced, siped knobs ensures excellent shedding characteristics and increased traction when the elements make the trail challenging.


Reinforcements at the base of the central ridge reduce rolling resistance while similar reinforcements on the side knobs ensures knob stiffness and penetration when cornering.


Since prototype phases, the Gato has made a name for itself with world cup stage wins, consumer satisfaction, and glowing press reviews.


  • Weight: Starting at 490 g    
  • Tire Width: 1.9, 2.1, 2.3, 29x2.3    
  • Riding Genre: XC, AM, Wet, Loose
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