Vittoria BARZO 27.5 TNT Tubeless Tyre

R 499.00 
RRP R 1,000.00 
SAVE 51%

The Barzo 27.5" tire is your ultimate speedster XC tire that’s fast rolling and corners with confidence. The tread pattern has a small-block layout that has an effective-edge center and lean dependent side angles. The Counter V-formation channels clear mud and debris build-up in a hurry, keeping grip tactile. 


Through Vittoria’s Tube No-Tube (TNT) technology, this model of the Barzo is roughly 100 grams lighter than standard tubeless tires, while boasting reinforced sidewalls that resist cuts and abrasions. The Barzo TNT can be run tubeless on UST rims with Pit Stop cartridge or liquid latex Pit Stop.


What are the benefits of going tubeless? Less rolling resistance, less pinch flats, at a lower tire pressure. Run this Barzo tubeless and you just might experience an XC epiphany. Of course, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to the tubeless life, the Goma TNT can still equally be used with an inner tube while remaining on the lighter side of weight.




  • Fast rolling XC tire for the hard-charging racer
  • Additional sidewall protection layer (nylon fabric and abrasion-resistant rubber compound)
  • Tubeless talon (fits both standard and tubeless rims)
  • Type: Tubeless
  • TPI: 120 NYLON
  • Casing: TNT (Tube No-Tube)
  • Size Options: 27.5 (650b) x 2.1”
  • Vittoria Code: 1113S33255611HD
  • Weight: 670g
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