Tacx T2875 Neo 2T Smart Trainer

R  29,999.99

The iconic, progressive and popular NEO 2 Smart is optimized into an even quieter and more powerful Smart direct drive. The motor is redesigned in order to provide a better indoor cycling experience and ride feel, especially during climbs and sprints. The NEO 2T Smart is more silent then ever thought possible and without question the most powerful, realistic and accurate bike trainer to date.




  • Compared to the Tacx NEO 2, the NEO 2T is even quieter, you get a more realistic bike feel, pedal stroke analysis and improved axle compatibility.
  • The Neo 2T Smart accurately measures the position and power output of your left and right legs. This extensive analysis after your ride allows you to train even more effectively.
  • Maximum resistance of 2200 watts and a maximum gradient of 25%. You can fully prepare yourself if you harbour the desire to climb the Mont Ventoux.
  • Through axle adapters for 142x12mm and 148x12mm are included, together with the Quick Release adapters.
  • Features ANT+ FE-C protocols, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth FTMS protocols for pairing with other devices and training software such as Zwift.
  • Adapter is required for 135x10 sized through axles. This is not included.


Tacx with its Neo 2T Smart T2875 sets new standards in the field of bicycle trainers; the Neo 2T Smart is the strongest, most accurate and quiet bicycle trainer on the market. Perhaps just as unique; the Neo 2T can be used without mains power. After all, it generates its own energy as long as you keep pedalling. The Tacx Neo 2T Smart T2875 replaces the successful Tacx Neo 2 Smart T2850 and is a greatly improved version of its predecessor. 


New Level of Noise Reduction
With the NEO 2T Smart Tacx has created something that was previously considered impossible: a completely silent bike trainer. By redesigning the internal components, the noise is drastically reduced. The noise from internal air movements is reduced even further as before, as are the vibrations that are observed at low cadence.


Improved Ride Feel
The new engine design of the Tacx Neo 2T Smart greatly improves the ride feel. The developers at Tacx have succeeded in improving the Neo 2T's engine capacity, which results in the ability to generate higher resistance levels under specific conditions; a sprint or at low speeds in a climb. The very powerful resistance unit can simulate gradients up to 25% and sprints up to 2200 watts.


Pedal Stroke Analysis
Pedal stroke analysis can now be viewed using third-party apps that have standard ANT+ bike dynamics. This allows you to optimize the power distribution between left and right and improve cycling performance using the software of your choice. The Isokinetic and Isotonic training mode also help you to improve your pedal stroke.


Improved Axle Compatibility
Tacx has made sure that the Neo 2T T2875 is suitable for almost all types of road and mountain bikes, straight from the box. Adapters for Quick Releases, 142x12mm and 148x12mm drive shafts are included as standard. Separate adapters are available for the 135x10mm and 135x12mm axle sizes.


Delivery includes


  • Tacx Neo 2T Smart T2875
  • Through axle adapters (142x12mm & 148x12mm)
  • Quick Release adapters (130x5mm & 135x5mm)
  • 1 Month Tacx Premium software
  • User's Guide
  • (EU) Plug with extension cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Excluding cassette
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