Tacx T2675 Blue Twist Trainer

R  2,999.99

The Blue Twist has the same resistance unit as the Blue Matic, but does not have a handlebar resistance lever. You manually set the resistance, selecting one of the seven positions using a switch on the brake. The maximum resistance is 700 Watt. The Blue Twist is suitable as an entrance model.

  •     Software PC/laptop -
  •     Operation Switch on brake
  •     Resistance unit Magnetic
  •     Braking positions 7
  •     Descent simulation -
  •     Max brake power (10 sec.) 700 Watt
  •     Sprint power (1 min.) 600 Watt
  •     Mass inertia 8 kg 1
  •     Suitable for all bikes, if necessary with axle skewers or nuts
  •     Wheeldiameter 26"- 29" and 700c; 29" with trainer tyre
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