Tacx T1990.04 Trainer Software Version 4 Advanced

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Tacx is a pioneer in cycling through virtual worlds and has reached a new milestone in the development of Virtual Reality. We have worked hard for years to create unique software with which the world on your screen cannot be told apart anymore from the real world. Completely new terrains have been designed, including roads with altitude differences and realistic curves. 3D buildings and trees give every terrain its own character and lighting and lifelike sound create the right atmosphere. The result? The Tacx Trainer software 4, overwhelming entertainment like it’s never been before.

This new software has more big advantages: the user-friendly menus and the free updates. Users can update the software every month and get access to new terrains, improved functions and surprising features, such as a derny race.

The Tacx Trainer software 4 consists of:

Virtual Reality
Brand new VR terrains for race bicycles and MTBs with virtual 3D riders.

Films for VR trainers
Choice of many movies of cycling classics, stages and cycle tours (optional).

GPS Rides
Cycling outdoors, repeating it indoors with GPS data from Google Earth. Or create your own route.

Professional training programs and fitness tests for a scientific analysis.


The Tacx Trainer software 4 is not available for Windows XP & i-Magic T1902 interface!

System Requirements

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