Super Help Latex Sealant 1L

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Super Help Latex is an innovative tyre sealant, successfully used in tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications .
Once shaken, the product turns into a foam spreading easily.



In case of a flat tyre Super Hlep gets through the hole polymerizing and, by increasing its molecular weight, seals the hole with a fast sealing action.



  • FEATURES: Quick sealing action.
  • APPLICATIONS: Tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.
  • 1L Bottle
  • Usage per 29x2.25 Tyre (100ml per Wheel) +-
Darryl Thompson
Very well priced product that works exactly as it says it does. When the solution is left to rest it reverts back to a pool of liquid. When agitated it forms into more of a foam (riding results in this agitation), it therefore very effectively gets to work on any punctures. The downside is that you can't easily deflate your tyre mid ride should the need arise, it quickly seals your valve. Besides this brilliant product.
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