Supacaz SL Grips

R  299.00
RRP R  350.00
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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, these Supacaz Siliconez SL grips have amazing shock absorbing qualities especially designed to reduce fatigue of not only the hands, but the entire upper body.


They provide consistent grip in any riding situation and, with memory foam properties, these Siliconez SL grips quickly mold to your hand for maximum comfort and grip. In fact, with the factored-in weight savings and the heightened performance on offer here, it's little surprise that they've been adopted by the top World Cup XC racers. Update your bars today with a pair of bright neon-coloured Supacaz Siliconez SL grips with matching Star Logo plugs and every time you're asked about them by envious fellow-cyclists you'll feel that smile of satisfaction on your face growing bigger and bigger.




  • First, size the grip to your bars and leave 3.2mm extra on the end. Cut off the excess
  • Next, wipe the bars clean and plug in the Endz
  • Use rubbing alcohol or window cleaner to wipe the inside of the Siliconez Grip
  • Wet both the bar and grips then slide the grip on to the bars
  • Not suitable for use with Grip Shift
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