Sram XX1 Eagle DUB Groupset (1x12)

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True competitors are always looking for a performance advantage — a relentless pursuit of equipment that is lighter, stiffer, stronger and more durable. To create the best drivetrain possible, we re-examined and re-engineered our crankset design. Our all-new XX1 Eagle CARBON TUNED crankset is our lightest, stiffest and strongest to date. DUB technology enhances this by simplifying the relationship of the spindle to the bottom bracket, and redefining the measure of durability. DUB-powered cranksets mean simplicity, compatibility and durability. BB not included. Only DUB BB's are compatible.


  • Eagle represents our newest 1x drivetrain technologies
  • Eagle is a lighter, tougher, quieter, more durable and more precise drivetrains
  • Eagle features all-new 1x components, engineered for even greater durability and performance
  • Eagle has a significant weight advantage over other drivetrains
  • Eagle technology allows an expanded, optimum, 500-percent gear range — a 20-percent increase over our other 1x


Features and benefits


  • DUB technology delivers the lightest, stiffest, strongest crankset available
  • All-new SRAM CARBON TUNED crank technology provides extreme stiffness and light weight
  • All-new chainring technology is designed specifically for Eagle chains and drivetrains
  • The X-SYNC 2 chainring provides significantly quieter performance, with better mud clearing and extraordinary durability


XX1 Eagle drivetrain works quietly, intuitively, precisely and perfectly. Whether you’re an hour and twelve minutes into a World Cup XC or, just about to hit the top of Pearl Pass—XX is ready for that and every place in between. This cross-country-optimized drivetrain combines our newest generation of Sram 1x drivetrain technological advancements with lightweight materials. With a greater gear range of 500-percent, XX1 Eagle gives you smoother, more precise shifts with greater durability for long lasting performance so you can spend more time in the gear you want. XX1 Eagle just rewrote the rules of freedom.


Rear Derailleur. This new derailleur not only answers the drivetrain’s need for greater capacity, but it’s also the next evolution of our proven, 1x-specific X-Horizon design. The larger, 14-tooth X-Sync lower pulley allows 10- to 50-tooth cassette capacity in this relatively compact design, and also adds to overall smooth-pedaling feel. Our new, Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch features a smoother torque curve for a quieter, more consistent operation and feel. Cage Lock has been moved back and out of the way, protecting it from trail debris. And a redesigned, robust mounting system further improves the derailleur’s performance and overall durability.


Sram XX1 Eagle Features:


  • Completely redesigned rear derailleur incorporating our proven X-Horizon design and new Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch technology
  • Re-engineered mounting system and repositioned Cage Lock add robustness
  • Eagle pulley technology provides greater efficiency, crisper shifting and quieter
  • Carbon cage and lightweight hardware make it light and tough
  • Cassette (XG-1295). Take a quick look at the new X-Dome cassette. The last dangling shred of an argument in favor of a mountain bike front derailleur is now officially dead. Designed for use with our proven, reliable XD driver body, this 12-speed, 10- to 50-tooth cassette offers an optimal 500-percent gear range at a considerably lighter weight than 2x systems. It carries with it the X-Dome architecture, which, independent tests have concluded, yields the strongest cassettes on the market. New shifting characteristics improve both, inboard and outboard shifting, as well as chain retention.




  • Sram’s cassette manufacturing technology provides the greatest durability and lightest weight
  • All-new shifting features create a smoother, quieter system with enhanced inboard and outboard shift performance
  • XD driver body compatible
  • 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 50


Gold Groupset includes:


  • Dub Eagle Crankset
  • Eagle XX1 Gold Trigger Shifter
  • Gold Chain
  • Gold XX1 Rear Deraileur
  • Gold XX1 Cassette



Black Groupset includes:


  • Dub Black Crankset
  • Eagle Black Trigger Shifter
  • Black XX1 Chain
  • Black XX1 Rear Deraileur
  • X01 Black Cassette
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