Sram X-5 Trigger Shifters 10sp (Set)

R 850.00 
RRP R 600.00 

Exact Actuation - When we launched our road technology from scratch we reapplied our MTB proven SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel : derailleur movement) for 10 speed rear shifting. EA helps to simplify/stabilize the uneasy act of balancing rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension. The result: the easiest index shifting system to set up and it stays that way.

1:1 - 1:1 Actuation™ is superior by design. Every unit of cable you pull moves the derailleur the same amount. Actuation stays precise and fluid slogging through mud, bouncing off rocks, rutting through roots — wherever you find yourself, whatever conditions you're in. It's dependable. Tolerant. Easiest to set up. Easiest to adjust. And, not coincidentally, the top choice of the top MTB riders. Got it? Good.
X5 MTB F&R Trigger Shifter Features:

SRAM’s Exact Actuation for precise and dependable 10-Speed performance
Impulse Technology

X5 MTB F&R Trigger Shifter Specifications:

Speeds: 3X10
Compatibility: SRAM Exact Actuation Rear Derailleurs, SRAM Double  Front Derailleurs
Technology: Exact Actuation, MatchMaker Compatible, 1:1 Actuation, Impulse Technology
Material: Aluminum Composite Components

Excluding cables

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