Sram Red HRD REAR Shift/Brake

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SRAM Red 22 is the top-end road group which lets you decide whether or not you install the group with rim brakes or disc brakes. This is the Red 22 HRD Shift-Brake Control. It comes set up for Double-Tap mechanical shifting and Red hydraulic braking (HRD=Hydraulic RoaD). It’s the choice for ‘crossers, gravel-grinders, epic road, and regular old disc-brake road bikes.



These levers look different than what we think of as traditional Double-Tap shift/brake levers. That’s because the lever body needed to be enlarged to house a reservoir for the hydraulic fluid, which they also used as an excuse to make the lever body more comfortable to grasp-the hood is longer, and easier to wrap your hands around. The brake lever blade itself also changed. It’s longer to make it easier to reach from the drop. As always, the reach to the shifter and lever blade can be adjusted independently so you can easily reach them regardless of finger length or handlebar bend.



This kit is set up so you can pull it out of the box and install hydraulic brakes on your bike with ease. There are two levers, a right and left. Both come with hoses filled with DOT 5.1 hydraulic fluid and Red brake calipers just about ready to go. Thanks to the Connectamajig, you thread the hoses from the caliper mount through the frame to the levers, and then re/attach without having to drain and re-fill the hoses. You’ll need a SRAM Bleed Kit, which includes fluid, syringe, and all the small pieces necessary to finish the job.



The calipers are SRAM’s Red road caliper. It comes with all the mounting hardware you need to set the calipers up on any disc-brake compatible frame.



The brakes do not come with rotors. These calipers are designed to work best with a SRAM 160mm front rotor and 140mm rear. Their CenterLine and CenterLine X Rotors are the recommended braking surfaces.



Shifting is still controlled by the Double-Tap system. This is the shifting method SRAM pioneered in 2005 and has refined quite a bit over the past decade. The shifting is faster and feels better than ever thanks to improved ergodynamics and ZeroLoss actuation. The latter means that there’s no slop in the lever action:  you move the lever, it shifts. Of course, this speedy action is helped by improved derailleurs. SRAM recommends their latest-generation eleven-speed rear derailleurs and Yaw front derailleurs as ideal mates for these levers.



The levers are made from molded carbon-fiber. The hood covers are textured rubber. The caliper is fabricated out of forged aluminum. The included hardware is titanium. The pads are organic and steel-backed.

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