Sram NX Eagle Upgrade Kit (1x12)

R  6,499.99

The new Sram NX Eagle Upgrade kit is the entry into the 1x12-speed world. The Group delivers consistent performance every time out.




Low-priced 1x12-speed kit




  • 1x NX Eagle Trigger Shifter 12-speed Clamp and Shifting cable (not matchmaker)
  • 1x NX Eagle 12-speed Rear Derailleur
  • 1x NX Eagle PG-1230 12-speed Cassette 11-50
  • 1x NX Eagle Chain (pin)


Features - Sram NX Eagle Trigger Shifter



  • X-ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 12-speed performance
  • Multi-position mounting
  • Aluminum pull lever
  • Product features
  • Use: MTB
  • Group: NX Eagle
  • Gear rear: 12-speed
  • Compatibility: All levels of Eagle™ drivetrain systems
  • Technology Highlights: X-ACTUATION™
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Color: black



Features - NX Eagle 12-speed Rear Derailleur



  • Completely new rear derailleur incorporating Sram´s proven X-HORIZON™ design and new Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology
  • Eagle™ ecosystem-engineered mounting system and CAGE LOCK™ positioning add robustness
  • Eagle™ pulley technology provides greater efficiency, crisper shifting and quieter operation
  • Product features
  • Use: MTB
  • Group: NX Eagle
  • Gears: 1 x 12
  • Cage: long Cage
  • Max. tooth: 50T
  • Technology Highlights: X-ACTUATION™, X-HORIZON™
  • Bearing: Type 3
  • Material
  • Outer Cage: Steel
  • Inner Cage: Steel
  • Pulleys: Steel
  • Color: black



Features - PG-1230 NX Eagle 12-fach Cassette 11-50



  • Compatible with a splined driver body
  • Eagle™ technology provides an expanded, optimum, gear range making you fast on the flats, giving you control on the climbs and unleashing your speed on the descents
  • Wide 11-50t gear range - a perfect fit for any ride. Optimized gear steps across entire range
  • The PG-1230 is the only Eagle™ cassette that meets Sram´s durability requirements for E-MTB applications
  • Product features
  • Use: MTB, E-MTB
  • Group: NX Eagle
  • Gears: 12-speed
  • Compatibility: All levels of Eagle™ drivetrain systems
  • Recommended chain: Eagle™ chain
  • Cogs: 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36, 42, 50
  • Material: steel
  • Color: black



Features - Sram NX Eagle Chain



  • Eagle™ PowerLock® chain connector with FLOWLINK™ technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity
  • Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle™ cassettes and rings
  • Product features
  • Use: MTB
  • Model: NX Eagle
  • Gear: 12-speed
  • Links: 126
  • Technology Highlight(s): FLOWLINK™, POWERLOCK®
  • Compatible Gears: Eagle™ 10-50t cassette
  • Closing Link: Eagle™ PowerLock®
  • Outer Plate: Nickel
  • Inner Plate: Chrome Plated
  • Pin Treatment: Chrome hardened, Solid Pin™
  • Recommended Group: Eagle™
  • Compatibility: Eagle™
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