Smoove Prep Chain Cleaner 250ml

R  129.99


  • SMOOVE PREP is a citrus based chain cleaner specially formulated to neutralise and remove SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube.

Directions for a chain cleaning device:

  • Fill the device with approximately 25ml of SMOOVE PREP in order to reach the bottom of the brush wheels. The amount of one application is printed on the side of the bottle. Most chain devices have a fill to line but we suggest that you ignore this as one application of SMOOVE PREP will be sufficient.
  • Clip the chain cleaner around the chain as per manufacturers instructions. Back pedal until the visible SMOOVE chain lube is dissolved and make sure that you tilt the chain device slightly so that the brush rollers can collect the remaining cleaning solution. After removing the device use the remaining liquid to clean the cassette and chain rings.
  • Rinse the components and cleaning device with clean water using a hose.

Directions for manual cleaning:

  • Pour 25ml of SMOOVE PREP in a small bowl. Dip a suitable brush in the solution and scrub the chain and drivetrain components until all visible SMOOVE chain lube has been dissolved.
  • Rinse the chain and drivetrain with sufficient clean water using a hose.
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