Sludge Sealant

R  54.99

SLUDGE is truly a South African produced product and exported worldwide and backed by two of the biggest tyre and tube manufacturers worldwide. 


  • This is a product that contains fibers and can not be installed in a wheel that has a none removable valve. The product can be used in all mountain bikes that is tubeless or that has a tube with a removable valve.
  • It comes in a 200ml bottle and this will do two mountain bike wheels.



  • This is a product specially developed for the road bikes with the Presta Valves.
  • This product contains micro fibers to allow the sealant to pass through the valve.
  • For this reason it will not seal a big hole as the Sludge Uni Seal.
  • Mountain bikes that have Presta valve tubes can also use this product, but it must be kept in mind that it will only work for small punctures like thorns.
  • It comes in a 100ml bottle and this will do two road wheels or one mountain bike wheel.
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