Shimano XTR BR-M975 M07Ti (Resin) Disc Pads

R 220.00 
RRP R 250.00 
SAVE 12%

The Shimano M07Ti Resin disc brake pads offer premium stopping power while weighing less and running at cooler temperatures. Due to the titanium backing pate, the M07Ti pads conduct heat at a slower rate than standard steel back brake pads, resulting in less noise and longer pad life.



  • Titanium backing plate to save weight and improved heat insulation
  • Fits M975, M965/966, M800, M765, M601, M585, M545, M535 and R505 calipers
  • Resin pads run quieter and generate less heat than metal pads.
  • Includes 2 pads and 1 retraction spring (enough for 1 caliper, purchase 2 if replacing pads in both front and rear caliper)
  • Shimano Part Number: Y8E598020
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