Shimano XT M8000 I-Spec B Shifters

R  2,419.99

The XT M8000 I-Spec B 11 Speed Shifters from Shimano is a Dyna-Sys11 shifter with a vivid indexing and Multi and 2-Way release to exceed the demands of ever changing bicycle designs and riding styles. The I-spec-B design is developed to be easy to install, attaching directly to I-spec-B brake levers offering a cleaner looking handlebar cockpit and good slide adjustment separate to the shifter body. 



These shifters are light to the touch but positive and crisp, Vivid indexing provides a constant amount of shift lever force across all chainrings. The 2-way release allows the upper lever to still performs the same shift function, but it can now swing in either direction allowing it to be released by the thumb or index finger, perfect for when the trail throws you something you weren't ready for. The multi-release allows multiple gear changes with one sweep, further adding to the speed of shift. Two ball bearings make up the multi-bearing design, providing a low-friction and reliable shifting action. The one-piece lower alloy thumb release lever with anti-slip increases durability and gives sharp precise shifts and allows clearance for suspension lock out clamps below. Available in Left hand (double/triple) or Right hand (11-speed).




  • Action
  • 2-Way release and multi release
  • Adjustment
  • Slide adjustment
  • Compatibility
  • For use with Dyna-Sys11 11-speed only
  • Notes
  • XT M8000 I-Spec-II and I-Spec-B shifters do not come with a gear indicator windows
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