Shimano Shoe MTB XC61L

R 2,600.00 

Tough, sleek, and excellent performance are the top qualities from this XC racing performance shoe. You'll look fast just standing in place with the SH-XC61L shoes strapped to your feet. The upper is a sturdy synthetic leather that provides great protection and durability. The buckles are low-profile and micro adjustable. The sole is lightweight, stiff, and has a lower stack height which provides superior energy transfer and efficiency.

  • Cross X Strap is optimized for relieving tension on top of foot during push off motion
  • LAST: Shimano Dynalast XC secures the foot into the ideal ergonomic position for a more efficient upstroke
  • Carbon fiber cleat plate with glass fiber composite reinforced midsole shank for optimal rigidity
  • Mud-shedding polyurethane outsole lugs with low-profile spikes
  • Best matched with Shimano XT PD-M780
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