Shimano Shoe MTB M089L

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As a bona fide member of Shimano’s latest “Enduro” shoe offering, the SH-M089 is talented with plethora of new features that hone in on versatility and performance.

Leading the way is Shimano’s cutting edge TORBAL (torsional balance) technology which allows some sideway flex in the back section of the sole, while maintaining stiffness in the front. What this does is improve balance and handling by setting the heel section free to accommodate lateral movement, while optimizing pedaling efficiency at the sole-to-cleat interface, impersonating the natural movement of flat pedals. Additionally, TORBAL technology features high traction rubber lugs on the outer edges to ensure excellent traction on a variety of terrain, and durable contact areas to further improve both grip and resilience.

Furthermore, after realizing that many Enduro racers tended to slam their cleats as far back as possible, Shimano gave the SH-M089 an extended channel that allows much more rearward position than previously seen.

Employing Shimano’s Cross X-Strap, the SH-M089 shoes offer a precise fit while adding comfort when exerting force back on the pedals. The repositioned attachment point of the middle strap relieves tension on the top of the foot during push-off, while the fiber glass composite polyamide mid sole offers a stiff platform for transferring power into a snappy acceleration.

This model of the SH-M089 features Shimano's Volume+ Wide Last that offers extra toe-box volume to accommodate a wider range of foot shapes without affecting shoe length. This "wide" model is about +6% wider than the "non-wide" model, while the shoe length and sizing stays the same.


  • Tough, stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh
  • Cross X-Strap is optimized for relieving tension on top of foot during push off motion
  • Super low-profile micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot
  • Single density extra-cushion insole conforms a variety of foot shapes with shock absorbing cushioning
  • Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box
  • "TORBAL" Torsional midsole allows natural rider “flow” motion during downhill
  • Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range to accommodate race or trail minded riding styles
  • Glass fiber composite polyamide mid sole for power transfer
  • High durability rubber outsole
  • Available in wide type
  • Best matched with PD-M530, PD-M520
  • Compatibility: 2-hole (SPD)
  • Weight: 692g (size 40)
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