Shimano BR-6800 Ultegra Brake Shoe Set R55C4

R  249.99

Shimano brake pads r55c4 dura ace/ultegra/105 – road brake padsshimano standard brake pads for aluminum rims.



  • The ideal matched material hardness of shimano cartridge pads for racing brakes ensures high braking performance with excellent controllability dry conditions: high (5 of 5)wet conditions: below average (2 of 5)quietness: above average (4 of 5)anti-fading: high (5 of 5)durability (road): high (5 of 5)durability (mud): high (5 of 5)rims protection: above average (4 of 5)
  • compatible for: br-9000, br-9010, br-7900, br-7800, br-7700, br-6800, br-6810, br-6700, br-6600, br-6500, br-5800, br-5810, br-5700, br-5600, br-5501, br-5500, br-r650, br-r600, br-r561, br-r560, br-cx70 package contains :1 pair of brake pads
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