Scicon Aerotech XXL Black Gloss/ MLS Red Sunglasses

R  2,699.99

The Scicon Black Gloss/ MLS Blue Aerotech XXL Sport Sunglasses take years of cycling experience and performance features into consideration to create a pair of sunglasses that will help you to perform at your best. These glasses are very versatile and will be able to withstand even the most rigorous biking adventures.


- The Power Ergo Design™ of this style, ensures that it will be high-quality, high-performing, comfortable, and fashionable to wear
- The photochromic SCN-XT™ lenses with NXT® technology ensures that these lenses will not break yet remain lightweight and comfortable to wear. These lenses also offer 100% UV protection and are chemical resistant.
- The Sports SCN-PP™ lenses protect the eyes from light glare and harmful UV A/B/C sunrays in order to keep the rider’s eyes sharp
- These glasses feature an interchangeable lens system that is perfect for riders who ride in different lighting conditions
- Vents built into the design, encourage airflow behind the lenses to prevent fogging
- Flexi Fit™ adjustable temples make for a custom fit, that can be adjusted for use with different helmets. Removing the Clip Switch™ makes these glasses more flexible and help to keep the glasses securely on the head
- The fender system minimises injuries between the lens and the rider's face in the event of a crash. These are lightweight and slide onto the lens easily. When removed, the rider is left with a classic half-lens shape

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