Saris M2 Smart Trainer

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The Saris M2 Smart Trainer is a versatile trainer fit for a variety of different training 
situations. The 1500 watts and a 15 climbing grade ensure that you can work up a 
sweat every time.

The integrated dualband ANT FEC and Bluetooth features allow you to connect to 
your favourite cycling app, and the electromagnetic response system ensures a 
controlled and consistent training session every time, Making your training 
sessions simple and effective.

The built in speed cadence and power sensors allow you to record and track your 
training data without the need for added sensors. The clutch knob is designed for 
optimal tyre to roller contact 


 5 accurate power readings
 Controlled electromagnetic resistance provides a precise and consistent workout
 Connects to indoor cycling apps with dual ANT FEC and Bluetooth standards
 Integrated cadence speed and power data 
 Zwift certified
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