Ryder Luberetta Chain Lube Applicator Carded

R  89.99

What is it? A patented silicone dispenser and chain guide are attached to a lube canister that can be filled with up to 15ml of your favorite chain lube. You simply position the chain guide portion of the applicator onto the lower chain and squeeze the applicator to dispense lubricant as you backpedal to feed the chain through the applicator. As each roller passes through the chain guide, the silicone dispenser puts one drop of lube on each roller.

The idea is that the Luberetta applicator makes the process less messy and reduces waste.

The inside face of the Luberetta chain guide portion gets fins, which are said to help remove grime from the outer plates of the chain. A pin inside the cap prevents the dispenser from clogging up with lube. If it does clog anyway, say if you’ve left the cap off for a period of time, you can pop it off easily, wash it with a degreaser, then pop it back on again.

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