Rock Shox RS1 SA100 TP

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RRP R  35,000.00
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The recent progression in bicycle technology can seem rather overwhelming at times, as it seems that standards change on what might be a yearly basis. Just when you thought you finally had a grasp on the latest, greatest bag of tricks, word of a new state of the art component sweeps across the industry like a wildfire. Well here is our fair warning; reading on may cause XCers to lose all feelings of content toward their current suspension fork. The Rockshox RS-1 is one of those game-changing releases that can potentially restore the standards for Cross Country suspension forks. After a ruthless revaluation of material optimization, and every other element that classifies one of the most decorated XC forks in world cup history, the RS-1 ushers in a new cohort approach to XC rider efficiency and capacity.



The inverted design is all new to Rockshox and delivers a new level of ride quality that’s simply unachievable through conventional fork designs. The revolutionary chassis design integrates the fork’s steerer tube, crown and legs into a single carbon main frame, while a reimagined interface between hub and dropouts, dubbed Predictive Steering, enable an inverted design that’s light enough for XC racing, yet stiff enough for trail riding. The large 27mm diameter Torque Tube oversize axle creates an unbreakable bond, locking the lowers in place to maximize torsional stiffness and reduce fork twisting. A wider hub flange spacing results in a stronger, more responsive wheel, while the new Maxle Ultimate completes the connection with a tighter, stronger clamping force than you’d get from a quick release.



Through the new Accelerator Damper the RS-1 features a firmer lockout for improved energy transfer and acceleration. The Rapid Recovery system allows the shock to recover faster between repetitive bumps, keeping the fork riding in the plushest part of the travel for a smoother ride, while the Dig Valve compression tune was spawned to carefully manage the oil flow to provide the perfect amount of support during successive hits and intense braking. To shave unnecessary weight, the circuit is housed in a sealed cartridge, eliminating material redundancies. To sweeten up the RS-1, the XLoc Sprint hydraulic lockout offers completely sealed and dependable lockout control through the click of a highly accessible button. Simply press on to unlock, and press again to lock.




  • Requires the use of a Predictive Steering Hub or Wheel (Not included)
  • Predictive Steering features a stock 15mm Maxle Ultimate mated with a solid oversized axle running through the hub, the Torque Tube
  • Accelerator Damper highlights include a firmer lockout for maximum sprint efficiency and a sealed cartridge to reduce weight
  • Dig Valve provides the optimal level of control for both low and high speed compression, carefully controlling the oil flow to provide the rider with the right amount of support and impact absorption
  • High tuneability with the use of Bottomless Tokens, which thread into the top caps just like Pike
  • Rapid Recovery allows the fork to recovery faster between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision
  • Fast Black coating on the upper tubes provides improved durability and decreased friction





  • Travel: 100mm
  • Wheel: 29”
  • Steerer Type: Tapered Carbon
  • Weight: 1666g (claimed)
  • Damping: Accelerator (with Dig Valve and Rapid Recovery rebound tune)
  • Spring: Solo Air
  • Adjustments: XLoc remote (lockout and floodgate) and Beginning Stroke rebound
  • Axle: Predictive Steering w/Maxle Ultimate (hub sold separately)
  • Steerer Options: Tapered Carbon
  • Crown: Carbon
  • Crown Race: 39.7
  • S.H.I.S. Clamp Diameter: 28.6
  • Upper Tubes: 32mm aluminum
  • Lowers: Carbon
  • Maximum Rotor Size: 200mm
  • Remotes: XLoc Sprint or XLoc Full Sprint
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Excluding HUB


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