PRO Handlebar PLT Compact II OS

R  839.99

Pro PLT is a lightweight and strong 2014 aluminium road racing drop handlebar


2014 aluminium is a high strength aluminium alloy commonly used in the aircraft industry and a wide variety of high strength engineering applications making it the ideal choice to produce this lightweight, strong and reliable handlebar.


For further weight reduction the aluminium has been double butted, keeping the strength where it is needed and reducing the wall thickness where vital grams can be saved.

Oversized 31.8 mm clamp diameter reduces unwanted flex under high load by increasing strength and rigidity and thus providing you with a greater ride experience.

Pro PLT 2014 Alloy Compact Handlebars
• Bar Width is measured Centre to Centre.
• Oversized 31.8mm Clamp Area for added strength
• Single Recessed Groove Cable Routing
• Lightweight Double Butted 2014 Aluminium
• Compact Design

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