Mavic R-Sys SLR Clincher Wheelset

R  26,999.99


The Mavic R-Sys SLR Wheelset proves that you can reinvent the wheel or in this case the wheelset with a  WTS, Wheel-Tire System. The R-Sys SLR is the whole package from the hubs to the rims to the tires that come with it.


Mavic uses a technology similar to anodization called Exalith treatment, the machined rims are treated chemically in a solution that penetrates and adheres to the surface in a way that actually makes the metal stronger.  This allows Mavic to machine the rim sidewalls to be thinner thus lighter without making them any less sturdy.  Because this treatment works so well with strengthening, Mavic was able to design their aggressive braking surface with out fear of it wearing down quickly.



The R-Sys SLR was outfitted with their tubular carbon fiber Tracomp spokes, 16 on the front wheel and 10 on the back non-drive side with 10 bladed Zicral aluminum spokes on the drive side because the Tracomp spokes are too wide to be accommodated.  This makes these wheels as light if not lighter than many carbon fiber wheels without giving any ground on strength and durability.
The R-Sys hubs are machined from a single piece of aluminum and feature slightly oversized aluminum axles. The hubs use QRM+ double sealed cartridge bearings that have a micro adjustability system that allow easy adjustment for any weather conditions on the road.  All this means  greater lateral stiffness and a smooth rolling wheelset that Mavic is known around the world for.
The final piece of the Mavic R-Sys SLR  wheelset  is the WTS , the tires that come with the wheelset, GripLink/PowerLink tires are specifically designed to be a front and rear tire that match perfectly with these wheels. You'll notice the great traction in your acceleration and cornering.
So from the inside to the outside, the front to the back, Mavic has indeed reinvented the wheel with the Mavic R-Sys SLR Wheelset, try a pair and see why these wheels climb better, handle better and last longer than most wheelsets on the market.


  • 1370g/pair
  • Front wheel: 605 grams
  • Rear wheel: 765 grams
  • SLR M10/SLR ED11 available
  • Compatible with tubular tires
  • Product features Weight /g     1370
  • Rim Type     Clincher
  • Rim Depth /mm     25
  • Rim Depth/Height     < 40 mm
  • Rim Material     Aluminum
  • Freewheel body: Shimano
  • Bearing Type     Cartridge - Steel
  • Spoke Material     Carbon / Aluminum
  • Front Spoke Count     16
  • Rear Spoke Count     20
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