MARVEL Gravity 29er Carbon Rim

R  6,500.00
RRP R  8,000.00
SAVE 19%
  • All our Marvel wheels are tested under new ISO4210 Standards. We have surpassed those standards by 20%.  Every rim is X-Rayed to make sure no defects get by our quality control.
  • We make use of High Modulus T700/800/1000 Carbon with high tech resin.
  • Max rider weight of 120kg
  • Max Tyre pressure 65Psi or 4.5 Bars
  • Recommended Tyre Width for the 26 ID 2.25-2.5 and for the 35, 2.35-2.8.
  • A narrower tyre might result in a constricted tyre, robbing traction, cornering stability and possibly burping the tyre.
  • A wider than recommended results in decreased impact absorption and cornering control. It also exposes the sidewall to cornering and sidewall cuts
  • This Asymmetrical rim build results into stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles of a dished wheel and equalizing the spoke tension between drive and non-drive side spokes. 
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