Look Keo Blade 2 Pedals

R  2,799.00
RRP R  3,400.00
SAVE 18%

New for 2014 Look have revised what we consider to be the top pedal on the market at this time.


The new Keo Blade 2 get's a host of technical improvements but also a major feng shui makeover "if there is such a thing as pedal feng shui" With the carbon spring now in the center of the pedal it no longer seems the spring is vulnerable and exposed like it come out if clipped in a corner or the bike is dropped.

Feelings about the looks of the pedal aside the new Keo Blade 2 is: lighter, has a lower stack height, better corner clearance, larger pedal surface, better aero qualities and comes in 3 spring tensions 20, 16 and 12nm as well as two axle options. Titanium and Cromolly.


  • Weights:Cromo 110g per pedal.
  • Carbon body
  • Carbon Spring
  • Cartridge and needle bearings.
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