Hutchinson Toro Tubeless Tyre HS 29er

R  660.00
RRP R  770.00
SAVE 15%
  • Neutral handling tire benefits tall evenly spaced knobs and Hardskin bead to bead reinforcement.
  • 2x2 taller lateral knobs hang on in the corners on a variety of conditions.
  • Lower center knobs that shed mud and still provide excellent traction.
  • Different RR compounds.
  • Imposing profile to deal with difficult, rough terrain.
  • Proven Trail and enduro profile by our professional teams. 
  • Profile intended for adhesion and breaking when front-mounted; for ridability in extreme conditions when rear-mounted.
  • Also available in 2.35 section, its central profile has been adapted to improve breaking. 
  • Flagship and versatile model of our Enduro and DH Commencal Teams.
  • Optimised sections for lateral grip and breaking.
  • Hardskin 2x66 reinforcement with possibility to ride at very low pressure.
  • Race Ripost®END and DH compounds for an adaptability to the most committed terrains.
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