Fabric Saddle LINE Pro 142mm

R 2,350.00 
RRP R 2,500.00 

Based on our award-winning Scoop saddle, the Line uses a split, single piece, full-length pad with a central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery. The Line is supremely comfortable for longer days in the saddle. Available in two specifications and two widths.


Unique Construction.


Cover. Base. Rail. Separate one from the other and each can be optimised. Our unique, three-piece construction builds in comfort at every turn, from a flexible base and a vacuum bonded cover to a choice of carbon,


Pressure Relief.


All the support of a conventional saddle; all the comfort of a cutaway. The Line saddle amply supports sit bones with lightweight foam padding and relieves pressure with a central relief channel.


  • Weight: 242g 
  • Width: 142mm
  • Length: 270mm
  • Carbon rail
  • Flexible nylon base
  • Micro-fibre bonded cover
  • Profile: Shallow
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