Elite Ombra Crystal Water Bottle (750ml)

RRP R190.00
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The Crystal Ombra bottle from Elite delivers a new design which improves bottle cages grip on the bottle. It is transparent so you can easily monitor liquid level, while a new cap with a soft, odourless push pull valve makes for easier opening and closing during cycling. As a squeezable bottle that delivers high liquid flow and is completely BPA, this environmentally friendly and functional water bottle is the perfect asset for any avid cyclis


  • Design: Standard 74mm diameter means you can use it with all traditional bottle cages on the market
  • New Cap: the new design of the cap makes liquid flow much easier thanks to its wide nozzle, bigger than the standard and made in a soft, odourless and tasteless material
  • Ideal for competitions: the new cap is especially suited for competitions as it features a bigger, soft rubber push-pull nozzle, easy unscrewing to clean and refill the bottle, snap-fit safety opening, and squeezable
  • Hygienic: the bottle is made in K-Resin, an innovative plastic material, excellent in preventing bacterial growth. K-Resin, a raw material well-suited for medical applications, is considered the safest material in the creation of food-grade containers as it guarantees to be bacteria-free and have the highest degree of chemical purity and hygiene
  • BPA Free: bottle components are totally BPA (BisphenolA) Free
  • Recyclability: Materials are 100% recyclable (in the conventional recycling channels)
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