Crank Brothers Refresh Kit

R  399.99
RRP R  399.99

Crank Brothers Candy Pedal Rebuild Kit

Weight: 25g
A smart buy if your pedals are loose or feel gritty when they turn.
Includes everything you need to rebuild your Crank Brothers Candy Pedals.


  • 2003-2010 - Ti,SL, C,SC etc
  • 2011         -1,2,3 & 11

Crank Brothers 03-09 Eggbeater Rebuild Kit
It's like getting new pedals for under R150. The Crank Brothers Eggbeater rebuild kit works with all letter series (C,SL, Ti...) Eggbeater pedals and will eliminate any excess play that comes from extended use.

It's not a bad idea to replace your cleats at the same time to gain the best possible performance

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