Continental Ultra Sport II Foldable Tyre

R  289.99

The Ultra Sport II is one of the 2014 flagship race tyres made by Continental for newcomers to road racing.It offers all the performance and value needed for aspiring cyclists.

Equipped with new dynamically patterned tread, which can be matched to the bike’s frame thanks to four color options, improves the value of any racing bike. An attractive tread design and a choice of colored treads can turn any race bike into a superb visual masterpiece. Ultra Sport tires make a stunning impact on every training ride and is ideal for newcomers to road racing.

In addition to the Ultra Sport color versions, the Ultra Sport with SafetySystem offers extra puncture protection – the right tire for all who want to safeguard against a troublesome flat when they are underway. The Safety System technology is puncture protection made of tightly-woven nylon fabric, combined with Kevlar to provide supreme resistance to pinches and cuts. Safety System is also highly effective against debris, thorns and broken glass. It is positioned between the thread and the casing for a lightweight, superior protection without affecting the quality of the tire.


  • The entry level tyre for road racing
  • Safety System: superior puncture protection
  • Four Color Options
  • New Dynamic Thread Pattern
  • Training Tire
  • Long lasting silica based tread compound
  • Robust 3/180 TPI casing
  • Available in 23, 25 and 28mm widths
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