Astute Time Lite Carbon Saddle

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High technology. Perfection. Italian craftsmanship. Round shape designed for high-performance chrono cycling. Developed by Astute Lab for chrono-riders and as well as for all those who ride at increasing speed in a forward position. Designed to deliver the highest level of performance.


TIMELITEVT features an open U-shaped shell in 15% carbon-fibre reinforced nylon. Designed for less pressure in the perineal area and greater support under high-strain conditions, it has special dimensions with a width of 135mm and a length of 250mm. The Cover Design System technology, an innovating rubber system designed to cover the shell and minimise vibrations.


Full-carbon rail with 3K Carbon Rail 7X9 technology for reduced weight. This combination has been specifically developed by Astute to provide higher performance during races. Designed with a lower rail for a bold look. It is a compact, high-performance saddle.


The Asymmetric Rear Design System provides a bold, easily recognisable design even while riding, with a unique asymmetric soft-touch bow available in 6 different colours in the back. The same colours are featured on the top with the Top Design System, a special cover that lines the central cut-out of the saddle.


VT seat (from "verta", i.e. "open" in Venetian dialect), designed with a central cut-out to eliminate pressure peaks in the pelvic area. The «tension arc» is created with a perfectly balanced weight distribution for smooth, comfortable riding. Ultimate comfort, lightweight and high performance.


Features two-density Progressive Memory Foam padding for 2 different seating areas, firmer in the back to support the sit bones, and softer on the front. Made in Italy and Ecolabel certified, the waterproof microfibre coating features a dedicated print and is easily washable with soap and water.


TIMELITE VT is exclusively handmade in Italy according to strict local regulations.


  • Weight: 185g
  • Carbon Rail
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