Armour-ride Frame Protection Pack Space Cowboy

R  949.99

Keep your bike looking fresh and scratch-free with our SPACE COWBOY kit.
The protectors are transparent so you will still be able to see the color of your
bike frame underneath. Many riders look for different uses for some of the
pieces, being able to place them in different places and thus giving the bike
its unique personality.

Product Breakdown

  • 1x Top tube protector (total dimension 9cm x 60cm)
  • 2x Chainstay protectors (total dimension 4.3cm x 37.5cm)
  • 2x Seat instay protectors (total dimension 4.3cm x 37.5cm)
  • 1x Seat tube protector (total dimension 6,5cm x 10cm)


  • Excellent paint protection characteristics even in winter conditions.
  • Exceptional conformability around curves and recesses.
  • Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt spray resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance for any maintenance.
  • Self-healing properties.
  • This generic kit is designed to fit most models and sizes


ARMOURTEK PROTECTIVE FILM is a high-performance, self-adhesive,
clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane film designed to protect automotive and
bicycle paint and other surfaces, from the harmful effects of stone chips and
abrasion. It has exceptional elongation properties for ease of application
which allows for single-piece installations.

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