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Garmin Edge 530 Performance Bundle
RRP: R  8,299.99 save 4%
R  7,999.99
Marvel GPS Computer XOSS G +
RRP: R  995.00 save 30%
R  699.99
  • On Sale
Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk
R  7,499.99
  • On Sale
R  249.99
Cateye Padrone
RRP: R  1,199.99 save 26%
R  899.99

Shop our selection of cycling computers.


The days of technology-free cycling are long gone. These days you have all the data and information you could possibly want at your fingertips. Our cycling computers will completely change the way you cycle by allowing you to analyse your ride, from the distance you’ve cycled to your speed and heart rate (depending on the cycling electronics you choose). 

Our selection of cycle computers for sale include Sigma and Garmin cycling computers. And you can easily order your new bike parts online and have them delivered to your home or place of work.