Why you should sign up for the next mountain bike race right now

Some individuals enjoy cycling on their own. And, while that makes sense, there is beauty in doing things with people who share the same interest. Being around like-minded people is motivating.

Whether you’re a professional rider and have been solo mountain biking for years, or you’re a rookie who is still finding their feet in the sport, building a community will be good for you. At Chris Willemse Cycles, we don’t just have mountain bikes for sale and cycling gear; we want to offer our customers valuable tips that will enhance their cycling career, which is why we encourage you to join a mountain bike race. Here are 10 reasons why we recommend that you should join a cycling event near you. 

Push yourself to new limits 

As someone who is into such a strenuous sport, you want to push yourself to new limits, and see what your body is capable of. Cycling alone can get you there, but it is more thrilling when cycling in a team or joining a race. With any form of racing comes a sense of competition and a drive to win. 

When cycling alone or doing the same cycling workout routine, you don’t always get to experience the adrenaline of competing with someone other than yourself. So, if you’re interested in seeing where you can go with mountain biking, then join a Cape Town mountain bike race and see for yourself. 

Make new friends  

Finding friends who share similar interests can help push you towards success, give you a sounding board to vent to and, more importantly, provide you with a stable support system. Who knows, maybe after you join a beginner mountain bike race you might want to start taking the sport seriously. The fellow racers you meet can be the same people to give you the support you need to help improve your skills. Or help you find and join a cycling team

Support your favourite sport

Even if you aren’t in it for competitiveness, there is nothing wrong with supporting your favourite sport. The more people who enter, the more the sport can get recognised and gain worthwhile sponsorships. Even if it is not a big deal to you, your fellow mountain bikers, who wish to make a career out of it, could use a positive turn out to attract sponsors. Hopefully, the bug bites you too. 

Find new trails to explore 

When you meet up with like-minded people, you get to learn more about your favourite sport. While routine is great, trying a new trail might not be a bad idea. Some trails are hidden, and it would take someone else introducing them to you to learn about them. Racing will give you the opportunity to find new places to cycle, and the confidence to try out new locations outside of your comfort zone.

Will make you a better cyclist 

Apart from pushing your limits, racing can make you a better cyclist. You will be trying out new terrain, with hurdles and obstacles that will push you to conquer your fears and become a better cyclist. It can also teach you how to handle your bike in different weather conditions, as mountain bike races near you can happen at any time, regardless of the weather. When you’re alone, you might be hesitant to adventure out in bad weather, but group cycling will eliminate that fear and provide you with a new experience. 

A reason to use your bike more often 

Trying to keep a work-life balance can be challenging. And, when you don't make a commitment like an upcoming race, your hobbies can easily take a backseat. If you want to spend more time doing what you love, then joining a cycling event in Cape Town or making more time to fit in mountain bike training into your busy work schedule might just be the way to go. Not only will you need to practise and prepare, but you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once the race is complete.

Final thoughts 

If these six reasons have swayed you, and you’re ready to sign up for a race, you need to prepare and look the part of a professional mountain biker by purchasing the right cycling gear.

Take a look at our bike helmets and cycling shoes to ensure that you are fully equipped and ready for race day. At Chris Willemse Cycles, we always strive to ensure that our customer expectations are fulfilled. So, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, and good luck on your race.