Why you should consider an electric bike for cycling

Usually, cyclists have preferences about which equipment to use for their cycling activities. 

When it comes to cycling bikes, some might prefer a traditional bike while others prefer an 

electric bike, or e-bike as they’re affectionately known. If you are open to the idea of electric bikes, you’re in luck. We’ve taken some time to put together a list of the benefits of an electric bike over a traditional bike. We’ve also created a short and simple guide on how to choose an electric bike, as well as a reliable source on where to find an electric bike. 

What is an electric bike? 

You might be wondering ”what is an electric bike?”, and “how does it differ from the traditional bike?” Well, the answer is simple; an electric bike is a bike with advanced technological components. That’s the only differentiator between an e-bike and a traditional or standard road bike or mountain bike.

Why should you consider owning an electric bike?

Whether you’re a frequent cyclist or an occasional cyclist, an electric bike can be beneficial to you in many ways you might not have considered before. Using an electric bike is not about avoiding a tough workout that generally comes with using a standard bike as you pedal along to your destination. It’s about increasing your cycling efforts. 

An e-bike has pedal-assist 

Pedal-assist is battery-powered assistance that’s incorporated into an electric bike to help give you a boost when you pedal. How does it work? When you pedal, the small motor provides a response that gives you more power to accelerate. You still control the speed with your feet as you would a standard bike. It gives you a bigger advantage when you cycle uphill or even when you cycle on the straight road. Having an e-bike means you are less likely to strain your legs. This makes it an ideal option for occasional trips to work, saving on petrol if you give your car a break every now and then.

An e-bike can help strengthen your fitness 

Just because an e-bike has tech that helps you along the way, it doesn’t mean you’re not getting a workout. All of the extra stuff such as the battery, motor and other components make an e-bike considerably heavier than a standard bike. While it gives you the boost, the normal pedalling and steering of your bike still gives you a training session to strengthen your fitness. And, as mentioned before, you’re still very much in control of your bike movements and acceleration. Having an e-bike simply means you’re getting extra help and it’s up to you how much ‘help’ you allow the e-bike to offer you.

E-bikes are rechargeable 

Unlike a standard bike, e-bikes are rechargeable. When you run out of battery, you just charge the battery and wait before using it as you would your smartphone device. Again, when you choose to use it over a car for your commutes, you save on petrol or diesel. 

You’ll ride more than before 

The above points indicate that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ride more. If you don’t cycle often, an e-bike can make you find reasons to always ride. For example, with an e-bike, you’ll know that if and when you get tired, you have the pedal-assist to push you ahead to your destination. And, the ability to ride faster, due to the pedal-assist, will make it even more tempting to expand your ride length. The quicker you get to your destination, the more likely you’ll want to add more kilometres to your ride. E-bikes also give you an opportunity to drive your car less and cover the commute with a ride instead.

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