Why does every mountain biker need to invest in eyewear?

When it comes to cycling, we know that there are a few items that are a must-have. For most cyclists, this includes a helmet and any other apparel to make your cycling experience comfortable and safe. However, most cyclists don’t think of protective eyewear for mountain biking. 

Protective eyewear isn’t just a nice-to-have item but a must-have, especially on rough terrain. To understand the importance of eyewear when mountain biking, read the article below. 

Should you wear glasses when cycling?

The simple answer is yes, you should. Whether you are a beginner or have been a mountain biker for years, you need to wear glasses. They aren't a fashion statement; they’re part of your essential apparel. For example, swimmers wear goggles to protect their eyes from chlorine underwater. The same goes for mountain bike glasses; they protect you and offer the following: 

Physical barrier protection

Unlike skin that can heal when you get hurt, eye damage can be more permanent. This is why you must protect them when riding a mountain bike, as they are at risk just like any other part of your body. Purchasing the best cycling sunglasses in the market will protect your eyes from any potentially dangerous objects while on the trail. These objects vary from insects, pebbles, small pieces of glass or sharp tree branches. These objects and others have led to mountain bikers experiencing temporary, and in some cases permanent, eye damage. Mountain bike sunglasses are designed to protect you against any physical object on a trail while cycling. And, when you purchase quality glasses, they're shatter-resistant, making them last longer. 

Offers weather protection

As an enthusiastic cyclist, you know a few weather conditions that may put you off from cycling. But, when you have cycling eyewear, you can cycle in any condition you’re comfortable with. Instead of the weather controlling when and where you can go cycling, you can choose based on how you feel. You can cycle in the wind, and you won’t have to worry about your eyes watering or something potentially going into your eye. You also won’t have to worry when you’re cycling in the daylight, as they can protect you from the sun. 

UVA rays can harm your eyes, while overexposure to UVA radiation has been linked to the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. By wearing cycling eyewear that specifically protects against UVA rays, you're looking after your eyes more than you may realise.

You can also cycle in light rain as your eyes will be shielded from the drops to an extent. With eyewear, you can do what you enjoy in whichever weather conditions you feel comfortable in. 

Why do you need to choose your eyewear carefully?

For maximum protection, you need to ensure you buy cycling-specific eyewear. Some reasons why the choice is crucial include:

It’s shatter-resistant, so you won’t experience any breakage or cuts from broken glass. Proper cycling eyewear is made from composite materials and not glass. 

They are made from a lightweight material that ensures comfort while on a trail. 

They have been carefully designed to sit firmly even when you are sweating to ensure your eyes are protected throughout the trail. 

Cycling eyewear is made with the appropriate materials for lens tint, which ensures that you can have better vision in any conditions such as low or bright light. 

These glasses won’t be polarised, so you won’t experience any difficulties in low light conditions. 

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Final thoughts

At Chris Willemse Cycles, we pride ourselves on selling quality mountain bikes and cycling apparel in South Africa. We always ensure we keep our customer’s best interest at heart by offering quality and aesthetically pleasing products that will give you the best experience in style. So, be sure to take a look at our sunglasses and more to ensure that you are ready for your next mountain bike trail.