Why and when you should replace your cycling helmet

As a cycling enthusiast, you know that a helmet is the one cycling apparel you undoubtedly need whenever you go cycling. 

Not only is cycling without a helmet a safety hazard, but by law in South Africa, you need to always wear a helmet when cycling. 

Fortunately, helmet technology has advanced and offers more than safety. Modern helmets are light, comfortable and colourful, ensuring they fit your style. But, simply owning a bicycle helmet isn’t where it ends. Every bike helmet has a lifespan and needs to be replaced often. 

Below, we explain why helmets have a save-your-life-by date and when should you replace your cycling helmet.

Why do you need a modern bicycle helmet?

Bicycle helmets are highly developed pieces of safety gear designed to keep cyclists safe during their rides. A cycling accident may happen anywhere, whether it's rough terrain, mountain or on the road, and you need a quality helmet to protect you from any head injuries. Our helmets are developed to meet and exceed various international safety standards, ensuring our customers get exactly what they need.  

When to replace your helmet

When it comes to how often you should replace your bicycle helmet, we suggest that all our customers repurchase a helmet after every three years. This will ensure that your helmet has no wear and tear that will impact your protection. It also ensures that when you’re cycling, you’re always wearing a helmet that can do its job, which protects you against any head injuries. 

If you have hit your head in a trail tumble or racing incident before and you haven’t changed your helmet, we strongly suggest you do it now. When you get into an incident, you may focus on body aches, scratches, cuts and any other limb injuries. But, you also need to take note of your helmet. You may experience a headache, dizziness and a mild or severe concussion from your helmet protecting your head against the crash, but you still need to inspect the helmet. Look at the exterior and interior of the helmet and take note of anything that may appear unusual. If your helmet has any cracks or dents, we advise you to come to our store and replace your helmet. At our stores, we have a variety of cycling gear and helmets for any type of cyclist. 

For mountain bike and road cyclists, some brands have a crash replacement policy that allows you to purchase the same brand of helmet for a discounted price. This is to ensure their customers can continue to afford high-quality headgear. When at our store, be sure to ask if you can qualify for a crash replacement policy. 

Why do you need to replace your helmet?

When your helmet has a crack or dent, it makes sense to get a replacement. But, if you have never had an accident and when your helmet still looks like it’s in good shape, you may not see why it is time to replace it, nor the importance of the three-year length warranty. 

The reason why it is advisable to replace your helmet after three years is to ensure your helmet retains its performance as the material deteriorates after three years. Modern helmets are made with material that ensures a lightweight and comfortable experience when cycling. Wear and tear are bound to happen after several years. Wear and tear include temperature and exposure to UV lights that can impact the EPS (expanded polystyrene), the outer shell on cycling helmets. The sun and your sweat when cycling can affect the structure of your helmet's EPS and the foam liner, which leads to it no longer being able to substantially protect you should you be in an accident. 

The three-year mark is a suitable time frame and will ensure you have optimal protection whenever you go cycling. 

Final thoughts

At Chris Willemse Cycles, we care about our customers' experiences and safety when they’re on their bikes. This is why we have high-quality apparel, bikes, bicycle frames, nutrition and more. If you know you’ve had your helmet for more than three years, or it has a dent or crack, visit our website today. While this purchase may keep you safe, it will also give you peace of mind whenever you’re on a bike. Check out our wide range of helmets for kids, adults and more here.