What to expect from a good mountain bike fit

As a mountain bike enthusiast, you spend most of your time exploring different mountain bike trails. It makes sense for you to want a bike with a good fit to make your journey fulfilling. A mountain bike with a good fit should support you when cycling, and ensure you have a pain-free bike experience. 

You don’t want to quit what you’re passionate about because you’re experiencing some discomfort. There are many mountain bikes in South Africa, but no two bodies are the same and some cyclists have pre-existing injuries which make it challenging to find the right fit. But, as one of the leading online cycle shops in South Africa, we have a skilled team to help you find the perfect mountain bike. 

You need a bike that allows you to ride for hours, regardless of the rough terrain. One that ensures you don't hurt yourself or hurt your existing injuries because of improper positions. At Chris Willemse Cycles, not only do we want to sell our products, but we want you to know exactly what it means to have a good mountain bike that offers you the best cycling experience. This is why we have compiled a guide with three things you can expect from a good mountain bike fit. 

So, before you browse our online bicycle shop, take a moment to read this article. 

Comfort whilst cycling 

When you do something that you love, you should feel comfortable. This ensures you get your money’s worth for every ride. When you buy a mountain bike from us, you can expect to have a comfortable experience, where you no longer feel any muscle pains or old injury pains resurfacing.

We have a team who can assist you when purchasing your bike, as well as biking accessories that you may need to enhance your experience and get what you deserve. We understand that as an avid cyclist, you want to cycle for as long, and as often, as you please. Now, having a bike that’s uncomfortable and gives you problems can hinder that experience, and that isn’t what we want. 

Minimises the risk of injuries 

Like any other adrenaline sport, mountain biking can be dangerous. It is no secret that without the correct gear and right bike you can get involved in an accident and injure yourself. But, with a good mountain bike that fits you ideally, you one step closer to ensuring a safe experience whenever you go on your trails. The right fit will help you to minimise the risk of injury, allowing you to only focus on the trail ahead and avoid any tree stumps. If you wish to add additional accessories to ensure more safety, you can take a look at our biking apparel as we sure we have something for you. 

Biking apparel you need for safety:

Improved riding experience 

Apart from comfortability, with the right fit, your cycling experience will improve. More bike power, speed, balance and bike handling will come easier when you have the correct cycling equipment.


Final thoughts 

If you are a new rider or looking to purchase a new bike, Chris Willemse Cycles has exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for a dual-suspension mountain bike for sale or a specific model, we have you covered. So, take a look at our wide selection or contact us for further information.