Want to get your kid into mountain biking? The ultimate kids' MTB buyer's guide

As a parent who is into mountain biking, you’ll know how exhilarating riding can be and how it can bring nostalgia from your childhood. As you grow older and start a family of your own, you want to do things that bring happiness to your child; activities that allow you to bond over shared interests. 

Why not consider mountain biking as part of your family time? Not only is it a fun-filled outdoor activity, but it also helps boost confidence. It’s a great form of exercise, and it is an enjoyable way for you to bond with your child. At Chris Willemse Cycles, we have all the mountain bike clothing you will ever need, including mtb shoes and cycling shorts and of course biycles for kids. Read our article on how to begin the process of mountain biking with your kids. 

Size is important 

Unlike when you buy clothes for your children, they cannot grow into a bike. Instead, it will stop them from fully enjoying themselves when cycling on a trail, and it can be uncomfortable. Having the right size will offer them comfort and an experience that they will treasure. Soon your child will be the one who’s eager to go mountain biking every weekend. All children are different, so the right bike will depend on their age and height. When choosing a bike, visit our stores and speak to a shop assistant. Our well-trained staff will ensure you choose the right size bicycle for your kid. The moment your kid tries one, you will know that it is the right size, as they will be confident and eager to ride the bike. 

Opt for a light bike 

Bear in mind that you’re buying a mountain bike for a child, so be sure to choose one that is light weighted. This will ensure the bike is not too heavy for their body, and they can easily move around on different terrain. Rocky mountain terrain isn’t easy, especially for first-timers, as it will be hard for your child to manoeuvre. If they feel uncomfortable on their bikes, they quickly become exhausted, dampening their experience. So, make sure you choose a bike that is light that is easy to manoeuvre. 

Keep it simple 

As a parent, you want your child to have the best of everything. However, when it comes to buying a bike for your child, you need to keep it simple. Avoid complex gears that need time to get used to, especially if this is the first time you're taking your kid mountain biking. Allow them to enjoy it and get the hang of things before you move into a new environment. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your child on their first mountain bike trail. You want them to enjoy it, so choose a single-geared mountain bike so they can have fun without having to also worry about the gears. For a while, allow your child to get into the habit of it; the terrain, learning how to balance, steer, pedal and brakes. Once they fully know how to ride a bike on tough terrain, then you can go all out. 

Focus on the look 

If you want your young one to fall in love with their bike, it needs to look appealing. For example, you can take a look at our mountain bikes and find one that matches your child’s idea of cool. At our store, we stock a wide range of mountain bikes in South Africa that is suitable for your child.

Final thoughts 

Mountain biking is a fun way of getting your children away from their screens and into nature. At Chris Willemse Cycles, your mountain bike rides can never go wrong. We stock a variety of bikes that are fit for you and your children, allowing you a beautiful, fun-filled experience. Take a look at our mountain bikes or contact us if you have any questions; we’re always pleased to help out whenever we can.