Useful cycling recovery tips for every biking enthusiast

As enjoyable as cycling can be, it is still a sport, and it can be strenuous on your body. If you do not take proper care after an intense cycling session, you can experience muscle damage. Effective recovery and resting can help reduce soreness, injury and fatigue that comes with cycling. Some cyclists may believe overtraining and getting injured is only for professionals. 

However, even cyclists who ride recreationally can experience overtraining, which can result in injuries. This can happen to anyone, especially if you don’t take the time to rest adequately. At Chris Willemse Cycles, we want our customers to enjoy cycling, but we believe it is vital to take care of themselves. We have written an article on how to ensure your body rests and recovers after cycling. 

Prioritise resting after cycling

This may seem like it goes without saying, but resting is vital for recovery. Life gets busy; you have work and activities with family and friends. And eight hours of sleep can be hard to achieve. However, your body needs time to recover after any workout. Stretching on its own will not help you repair muscles. It is an exercise tip that can help improve your flexibility in the long run, but it still only does half the job. You need to try and have rest days, and make sure you sleep seven to eight hours a day. This will give your body enough time to recharge and repair muscle tissues. So, make sure you do not replace rest time with more exercises, start learning how to properly relax your body. 

Always wear the correct cycling gear

At Chris Willemse Cycles, we understand the importance of quality, comfortable cycling gear.

Cycling is a strenuous sport, and without the correct gear, it can be dangerous. This is why it is important to have apparel that is designed to ensure your safety and comfort at all times. Not only will our cycling gear fit you properly, but it will help you move better when you ride. Being able to move comfortably is what ensures you do not experience leg fatigue. Tired legs after cycling are normal; however, you reduce any long term effects on your body when you use the correct shoes and socks. 

Compression socks assist in reducing muscle aches, soreness, fatigue or swelling that may occur after cycling. They can also stimulate the recirculation process, as your calf muscles send blood back to your chest. These cycling socks can also improve your blood oxygen levels which help your body recover. 

Eat food that promotes muscle recovery

Apart from resting after cycling, you need to incorporate carbohydrates and protein into your diet. Intense workouts can decrease the number of carbohydrates you have in your body. Incorporating carbohydrates and protein can assist in speeding up glycogen in your body, as well as help with muscle repair. Amino acids that are found in protein have shown to decrease muscle damage one may have received from cycling. It also helps to promote muscle building and repair. These are important to add to your diet after you exercise, helping with the process of repairing your muscles. 

Keep your body hydrated 

Cycling requires speed, power and strength. To maintain your energy when riding, you need to be hydrated. When you aren't hydrating properly before, during and after cycling, you will see your performance drop and fatigue will start to creep in. This is because you're dehydrating your body. Keeping hydrated throughout your ride will assist your body to replace water as quickly as you lose it. This will help you avoid cramping and fatigue. So, make sure you drink your water or any protein-rich drinks. This will help to improve your recovery time so you can keep your muscles healthy. 

In conclusion 

Your body needs to be looked after before and after cycling. This needs to be done by resting as much as you can, eating the correct food, hydrating yourself and purchasing the right apparel. At Chris Willemse Cycles, we have all you need when it comes to cycling. We have road bikes for sale, apparel, frames, as well as nutritious products to ensure you enjoy cycling for as long as possible. So, take a look at our products and find what you need to ensure your recovery after cycling is effective.