Relaxing after cycling in the big leagues

Chris Willemse Cycles cyclist on a ride

Once you’ve entered a race like the Cape Town Cycle Tour, you’re officially in the big leagues. Leading up to the race you have to eat, sleep and dream on two wheels. It’s all about training hard and getting physically fit. You have one mission and that is to fully prepare yourself for the adrenaline-pumping race you’ve set your sights on.

After the race, however, you may find yourself not knowing what to do with yourself now that the event is over. And you’ve probably spent the last few weeks a little physically and mentally exhausted. So, here some ways you can relax and unwind after cycling a big race.     

Take a spa day

This may seem like one of those things people only really do in movies. But we’re not talking about getting your nails done and sipping cocktails with a face mask on. In this case, a spa day would include getting a serious deep tissue massage to help your body recover. It will help your body relax after all the intense training. You may also simply want a bit of pampering after everything you’ve put yourself through over the last few months. 

Do absolutely nothing for a day

If you’re an enthusiastic cyclist, you’re most likely a very active person. The thought of spending the day doing absolutely nothing may seem a little strange to you. But relaxing on the couch and watching TV (or reading a book) could be exactly what you need to help yourself unwind. You’ve worked hard and you made it over the finish line, so put your feet up for a day.  

Take the scenic route

You’ve probably become used to cycling for a reason. For a while it’s been all about getting yourself (and your bike) ready for the big race. But you don’t have that aim in mind anymore, so why not take a more relaxed approach to cycling? Go on a cycling tour of the city or get some friends together and go for a long, scenic cycle with a picnic or lunch at the end. Just remember to clean off your bicycle parts before you set off as your bike has been through a lot.  

You’ve achieved your goal and made it through a big race. So, now it’s time to unwind and recuperate.