Practical tips to help you fit mountain bike training into your busy work schedule

We get so focused on meeting work-related deadlines and attending to family responsibilities that our personal time becomes stretched. This can make it challenging to maintain fit and focus on your hobbies. Even avid mountain bikers face this from time to time. 

However, it’s possible to create opportunities to get yourself on the trail and pick up a manageable routine. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to maintain MTB fitness when you have a tight schedule, you’ve come to the right page. Below, you’ll find practical tips to help you get back on the bike and build up your fitness strength again. 

Create a mountain bike training plan 

When life is busy, it’s important to have a constant reminder of everything you need to do in order to avoid missing out on anything. That’s what a schedule does for you. To stay on top of your riding game, you have to develop a mountain bike training plan and stick to it to reap the rewards later. 

Develop the training plan around your work and family schedules. Make it as detailed as possible and ensure that it includes biking days and rest days to give you a balance. For example, your schedule could look like this; on Mondays, you can fit in a 10-minute warm-up in the mornings followed by a 45-minute to an hour ride. Then on Tuesdays, you can use an hour to do strength training exercises. You can fit in a rest on Wednesdays, then back on the trail ride on Thursdays and Fridays, relax on Saturday and then hit a long-distance ride on Sundays.  

From the example above, you’d be getting in rides at least 4-days a week, including some MTB endurance training and in-between rides such as when running errands. But if you can only do three days a week, that’s fine too. Overall, the training plan should be customised according to your personal goals and capacity. The more you follow your plan, the more you’ll learn how to improve your mountain biking skills and find a suitable rhythm for yourself.

How to fit your training plan into your busy schedule 

Now you know that a training plan is a solution to your pressing schedule problem. The next step is to learn how to build strength for mountain biking or how to get fit for mountain biking.

Become an early riser 

This can be a tough one; you’re likely to be chasing the clock. However, it’s still doable if you wake up at least an hour before your normal waking time. Use this time to go on the trail. 

Get into night-riding 

If you’re not a morning person, night-riding can be your alternative biking time. You can build a routine where you go for a ride straight after you knock off work, but not before you pick up the kids. Put this into your training plan, so that you know the days you have open slots to ride in the evenings. 

Lunch rides 

Although your days can be packed with deadlines, you always have an hour available for lunch. But instead of eating at your desk, grab your mountain bike and hit the mountain trails for a short-length ride. This is a perfect solution if you’re not a morning person or if you think you might feel too tired in the evenings. Don’t forget to bring your mountain bike and bike clothing to work on days where you’ll use your lunch for a ride. It may be a good idea to buy new bike clothing to keep as extras at work. Visit Chris Willemse Cycles’ online store to find the best mountain bike clothing in South Africa.

Ride to and from work 

If your commute to work is not too long, swap your car, train or bus with your bicycle. Try to do this for two to three days a week, so that you don’t over-train and become fatigued. This will boost your fitness level and get you ready for a trail ride. If you don’t have a road bike, you can get one at the leading online bicycle store in South Africa. 

Become a long-distance weekend rider 

Weekends are short, but unlike weekdays, they offer many opportunities for trail sessions. If you can only manage a short-length ride during the week, use the weekend for a long ride. 

Final thoughts 

Mountain biking in South Africa is popular among professionals and enthusiasts alike. But for enthusiasts, in particular, it can be challenging to fit it into tight schedules filled with deadlines. As an avid rider looking for ideas on how to fix this problem, the above information can help you integrate a trail ride into your day to day life. 

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