How to perform regular maintenance on your mountain bike

A mountain bike is an investment that’s necessary for any off-road cyclist’s journey. Buying a decent mountain bike to help you achieve both your fitness and cycling goals is a good starting point. But that’s not where it stops; there’s the maintenance aspect critical in ensuring that the bike lasts longer. 

Proper bike maintenance also ensures that you are safe and able to enjoy your rides, whether you’re training or participating in a cycling event. Professionals have the luxury of mechanics to keep their bikes in tip-top shape. Meanwhile, your bike relies on you to keep it in good condition. With life being as busy as it can be, it’s understandable how doing this regularly can often be challenging. But doing regular maintenance is the best way to get a long life out of your bike and its components. 

So, below we’ve put together a concise guide on performing regular maintenance on your mountain bike to maximise its lifespan. We’ve also included a mountain bike maintenance checklist to help you know what to look out for and maximise the efficiency of bicycle parts

Maintenance schedule

To ensure that you maintain your bike regularly, you have to create a maintenance schedule with all of the tiny details, such as the timeframes and the tasks to do. You can break it down into four parts; weekly, monthly, six months and annual maintenance. For example, on a weekly basis, you can check the tyre pressure and lube the chain. Monthly, you can deep clean your drivetrain, while every six months, you can change to a new chain or new tyres. You can find bicycle tires for sale online when you visit our store. Yearly, you can replace your bike cassette or cleats. 

Having a schedule will help you keep your bike running smoothly. Now let’s move on to the basic maintenance tasks to perform. 

Wash your bike

Cleaning your bike is a no-brainer; leaving dirt to sit on your bike too long can damage your bike. But you also don’t need to wash your bike after every ride because doing so can be detrimental to your bike brackets and hubs. How often you should clean your bike depends on the location where you ride and the season. For example, it would be best to clean the bike after a muddy ride or a race. Remember to use gentle soap and a soft rag when cleaning your bike.

Inspect your bike components

Check your bike parts to make sure they’re still in good condition. You can start with the tyres. If you’ve been wondering how to do mountain bike tubeless tyre maintenance, it’s simple; you just need a sealant. Proceed to inspect the chain to see if it’s properly linked, not skipping and whether it needs lubrication. Check the drivetrain, pedals, bolts and screws, thru-axles brakes and gears to see if they’re responding and changing properly. You might find that you need a new mountain bike gear set or need to search for the best mountain bike hydraulic brakes to replace the ones you already have. Check to ensure that your bicycle handlebars are tight but not too tight. 

Adjust your bike components

It’s always a good habit to do a test before a ride to check if everything fits as it should. It’s important to do this if you wish to have a comfortable ride. Bounce the bike a couple of times to check for any loose components, performing some adjustments where needed. Whether it’s the saddle position that needs repositioning or the front derailleur, you have to ensure that you’re able to ride without any risks of accidents and, ultimately, injuries. 

Final thoughts

To enjoy a good ride and maximise your performance, you need to ensure that your bike is in good health. The above information will help you get a routine where you will find everything from cycling apparel to bicycles and tubeless bicycle tyres. We’re always looking forward to helping our customers.