How to dress like the cycling pro you want to be

If you want to be a pro cyclist, you have to dress like a pro. 

When people work out, they put on gym wear for a reason. It’s specifically designed for training performance, temperature balance, comfortability and durability. And the same concept applies to cycling. Cycling apparel is designed to offer cyclists comfort and support on the road. 

Putting on your everyday wear, which is without the necessary padding in certain areas like the elbows, knees and hands, puts you at risk for injury when an accident happens. We all know those are inevitable and can take place at any given moment. It is then important to dress for purpose. 

If you’re still not sure, consider the following reasons why you need to buy cycling clothing. 

  • Comfort - it would be impossible to wear jeans or joggers and tees when cycling long distances. Specialised cycling clothing is designed to make you feel as comfortable as you ride. 

  • Fit and movement - wearing the right clothing ensure that you don’t end up riding slower than you would have had you worn the correct cycle clothing. 

  • Sweat - imagine sweating in an everyday sweater whilst riding and having that sweat run down to your hands. That will not only be uncomfortable, but it will definitely slow you down. 

  • Padding - cycling apparel is designed with padding for extra support, which makes for a comfortable riding session. And, for in case of accidents, if you’re wearing cycling gloves and you happen to fall and balance with your hands, you stand a chance to avoid scrapes and cuts. 

We’ve rounded up a few tips on how you can dress like a pro cyclist.

Dress for your destination

When you’re cycling, you need to focus more on where you’re going than where you’re starting. At your starting point, the weather could be 30-something degrees, and your destination could be 18 degrees or less. Weather conditions, particularly Cape Town, change inconsistently, so you need to dress in a way that’s easily adaptable. 

Make sure you wear the right apparel

Keeping the above point in mind will help you to choose your cycling clothing better. There’s a plethora of cycling apparel that’s available on the market. And it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So, below you’ll find a list of apparel you can buy. 


A helmet is not just a nice-to-have cycling item; it’s incredibly necessary for the protection of your head in case of accidents. All pro cyclists always, and we mean always, wear one of these when they’re competing. They come in different colours, so you don’t have to worry about not looking stylish as you enjoy your riding activity. 

Shorts and tights

There are a few different types of cycling shorts available in cycle clothing shops in South Africa. These include pro elite bib shorts, pro elite shorts, bib shorts, domestique bib shorts, escape quest shorts, lycra shorts, lady cycle shorts and more. The alternative to shorts is cycling tights, which are a longer length and perfect for colder weather. It’s important to have these because they are made with necessary padding. This provides more stretch capacity and frictionless movement. 

Jersey and Jacket

Cycling jerseys and jackets are built with the purpose of protecting your skin against the sun or rain. Both the jackets and jerseys are lightweight and designed with comfortable garments, neck collars for neck protection and are colourful for visibility when the weather is misty and at night. We have sleeveless jackets and long sleeve jackets available at our store. 

Shoes and socks

Cycling shoes differ according to cycling modes. There are mountain biking cycling shoes made for toughing out the mountains, and then there are road shoes with lightweight built to endure road cycling. There are also different types of cycling socks available on our online store. They come in different colours and can be paired according to the colour of your shoes.

Accessories for protection 

Biking accessories such as body warmers, Oakley sunglasses, skullcaps, headbands, hydration packs and gloves are just as important to have as a pro cyclist. They all serve their own objectives for when you’re riding, especially long distances. 

As you can see, to be a pro, you have to treat yourself like a pro and dress like a pro. At Chris Willemse Cycles, we’re here to help you make all your cycling dreams come true, whether you’re searching to buy cycling apparel or cycling accessories. 

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