How cycling benefits your body and mind

Many people, including amateur cyclists, wonder how cycling will benefit their bodies once they take up or continue with the sport. Googling “will cycling make my …” will return autofill results with questions like “will cycling make my legs bigger” or “bum bigger” or “thighs smaller”. 

Of course, these are all valid questions to be concerned with if you’re getting into this sport. You need to know how it will change your body shape, and whether it’s a way that is beneficial to you. Each cyclist’s body transformation differs due to various factors such as natural body shape and fitness level. But what we’ll tell you right now is that cycling fitness benefits include making your body healthier and stronger. 

And, by strong, we’re also referring to mental strength, but more on that below. Overall, cycling is an aerobic exercise that promotes a healthy body and mind. To learn more about the benefits of cycling for wellness, keep reading.

Cycling aids weight loss 

Although it’s a low-impact sport, cycling can aid weight loss and help you build muscle mass. As you push the pedals, you’re burning fat and putting work on different muscle groups in your body. Like most types of fitness sports, you have to combine cycling with the right diet to maximise your efforts and get rewarding results. Consuming the right amount of carbs, protein, healthy fats, vegetables, dairy, and fluids can get you to your goal. Luckily, we have plenty of cycling hydration supplements available at our online store, one of the leading cycling shops in Cape Town. You’ll be able to buy protein bars, energy caps, gels and chews as well as supplements and water bottles for mountain bikes, where you can safely store your sports drinks.

Cycling gives you toned legs 

To answer the question above about cycling making your legs bigger, you won’t necessarily get “bigger” legs. But considering that cycling is a leg-intensive sport, your legs are guaranteed to gain strength and definition. You’ll gain muscles around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. All of the pedalling puts work on your leg muscles and shapes your legs differently than when you were not using them as much. This is why professional cyclists’ legs look bigger as they cycle regularly compared to recreational riders. However, if you’re in search of bigger legs, you cannot rely on cycling alone; you’ll have to add the gym to your fitness training. 

Cycling strengthens your arms 

Cycling tones your arms too. Especially if your chosen cycling sport is mountain biking. This is due to the numerous movements you perform when riding off-road to control and maintain your balance. When mountain biking, you tend to make multiple movements and change your grip levels on the handlebars as you steer your mountain bike towards the right track to avoid losing balance and falling off the bike or bumping into an obstacle. Remember that you should always be in your cycling clothing and accessories such as mountain bike shoes, helmet, gloves, and eyewear to protect you from serious injuries. If you visit Chris Willemse Cycles, you’ll find lots of cycling gear to choose from. 

Cycling is good for your mind 

We all know that exercise has been linked to improved mental health, with multiple reports proving this to be true. As a form of exercise, cycling offers this benefit too. It’s because exercise increases blood circulation in your brain, which hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and other parts of the brain that control mood influence for a positive reaction to stress. 

Final thoughts 

If you’ve been wondering how cycling can change your body, then wonder no more as all of the points above give you clarity on the benefits of cycling on your body and mind. On our website, you’ll also find more information on cycling, such as the importance of following a training programme based on your specific gender or how to improve your ascends and descends when mountain biking. You’ll also find a shopping section where you can get any cycling clothing, bicycle parts and accessories, including indoor bicycle trainers and mountain bikes to choose from. Let Chris Willemse Cycles be your support for your cycling journey!