How to choose affordable cycling shoes

Whether you’re interested in road cycling, mountain biking or prefer indoor cycling, you need to own a pair of road cycling shoes or mountain bike shoes. Even if you’re not a pro and only cycle out of enjoyment, it’s important to have the correct attire to avoid accidents or muscle damage. *Plus, even if it’s just a hobby, there’s power in dressing like a pro cyclist; in this article, we explained more. While your ordinary trainers might let you pedal comfortably, they’re not specifically designed to handle the rigour that cycling demands. 

Cycling shoes are made with rigid soles to give you control over your pedal stroke. This makes you ride more comfortably. The benefits of cycling shoes also include the compatibility of the soles with a clipless pedal cleat, to improve the efficiency of pedalling.

With that being said, we’ve prepared a guide on how to choose the best cycling shoes. 

The best way to pick the right cycling shoes for you involves looking at the following factors:

Think about your cycling activity 

Before you head over to Chris Willemse Cycles to purchase cycling shoes, you have to decide which type of cycling you’ll be buying shoes for. However, if it’s for both road cycling and mountain biking, then you should be looking into buying two different pairs. One pair won’t serve the same purpose for these two types of cycling adventures. Road cycling shoes tend to have a bit more flexible sole when compared to mountain biking shoes, which are more on the stiff side.

Find the right cycling shoe fit 

Choosing a precise fit adds value to your cycling ride. A pair of cycling shoes shouldn’t fit too tightly nor should they have too much free space. These shoes need to be breathable, but tight enough to give off enough grip. Each store has its own cycling shoes fit guide; some stores would require that you buy half a size or one size bigger than your normal shoe size. 

If you’re unsure about your size fit when you’re browsing for cycling shoes for sale at Chris Willemse Cycles, be sure to contact us. We will assist you to the best of our ability to ensure you get a perfect fit shoe to match your cycling needs and goals. 

In addition, keep in mind that women’s cycling shoes are slightly different to men’s cycling shoes. Women’s shoes have narrower soles and heels in comparison to men’s shoes.

Look at shoes with retention systems 

Many brands offer shoe retention systems, which play a huge role in the security of your feet as you pedal. For instance, our Giro road shoes have the Boa L6 dial, which offers adjustment increments when tightening, as well as easy pull-to-release function for quick in and out of the shoe. This is a good type of shoe to have when you might need to stop by the mall for some errands before hopping back on your bike.

Look at shoes with a ventilation system 

If you’re prone to overheating or sweating, despite the condition of the weather, you may want to get a shoe that has a ventilation system. An example is our Louis Garneau multi air flex MTB shoes. They come equipped with a ventilated composite multi air flex outsole and a ventilated ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) insole. These systems ensure that you have through-and-through ventilation, preventing overheating, as well as a good toe flexion for walking while preventing heel pressure.

Evaluate at the price tag 

The last factor to consider is the price tag. This is a personal aspect, which is dependent on affordability. When buying cycling shoes, you obviously want to prioritise functionality and durability. But the good news is that you get affordable cycling shoes that offer these qualities, particularly at Chris Willemse Cycles. So, when you shop online for cycling mountain bike clothing and shoes, let Chris Willemse Cycles be your first point of call. 

Final thoughts  

Road cycling and mountain biking in South Africa are big recreational sports. Pros and enthusiasts alike cycle all year round, no matter the season. That’s why you need to be serious when you search for road bikes and mountain bikes for sale, as well as cycling shoes. When shopping, you need to be honest about your needs and long-term goals. 

When it comes to shoes, more specifically, you should seriously consider the above factors. Visit Chris Willemse Cycles today to get the right cycling shoes and other accessories you need to make your cycling journey easier.