Get fit from cycling with Chris Willemse Cycles

In this day and age, many people have busy schedules, and keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body can feel like a chore. But, physical exercise does not need to be confined to gym walls. 

At Chris Willemse Cycles, we understand that not everyone enjoys working out in a gym filled with people and no fresh air. We believe that cycling is a great way to exercise and get the body you have envisioned for yourself. Not only is cycling an effective way of keeping fit, but there are several cycling exercise benefits such as improving your mental well being, building muscle, improving your lung health, lowering the risk of cancer and heart diseases, and it can help you sleep better.

If you’re looking for tips on how you can use your bicycle to stay fit and healthy, read our article below.

Get your bike tuned-up  

Before you start your weight loss journey, you need to ensure your bike has been tuned-up, especially if you have been on a riding break for a few months. A bike tune-up consists of removing any dirt off your bicycle. You'll also need to have your gears and derailleurs checked to see if there is any damage and that everything is aligned, and ready for you to use. If you do not own a bike, take a look at our bicycles for sale. We offer a variety of bikes and bike parts that will ensure you are covered on your new cycling journey.  

Keep your safety in mind  

When cycling, you need to be mindful, regardless of where you will be cycling. Make sure you have the correct apparel and footwear to ensure that you are safe on the road. Make sure you tell a loved one or friend where you will be cycling or have someone else accompany you. Apart from it being a safety measure, cycling with a partner is also a great way of staying motivated and accountable (even people on a health journey have their days when they only want to stay in bed.) Having a partner, or joining a cycling team, will help to keep you focused when you need an extra push. Lastly, make sure you have money on you, a charged cell phone, water bottle, a light snack and an emergency kit in case anything happens. 

Perfect your technique 

They say practice makes perfect, so make sure you perfect your technique. Perfecting your pedalling will help increase your speed and power, which in turn, will help you burn more calories. For example, try pushing and pulling your legs in a smooth circular motion when pedalling. This will be helpful, and you will start seeing toner and leaner legs. If you want to improve or see faster results, then mountain biking is an effective way to ensure this. Cycling on rocky terrain can be an efficient way to improve your pedalling ability while also giving you more muscle strength. 

Hydration and recharging is key  

To ensure you reap the health benefits of cycling, you need to ensure you are hydrated and recharged. Recovery is an important part of cycling wellness, regardless of how intense it may seem to you. Because our bodies are always on the go, what seems like a low impact session can cause harm to an overly tired body, so make sure you follow the correct recovery steps. This will ensure you don’t harm yourself while cycling. Make sure you have the correct gear, rest accordingly, prioritise sleep and eat food that not only keeps you healthy but promotes muscle recovery.  

Be consistent 

If you want to work on your body and ensure you’re fit and healthy, then you need to be consistent. No exercise can help improve your health and body if you don’t do it frequently. Keep to a schedule of how often you plan on exercising during the week, then review your progress to see if it’s working for you or if you need to put in more work. When training, be careful when it comes to high-intensity workouts. Yes, it can help you reach your goals faster, but it can also cause muscle fatigue. Doing it at a low pace for longer will help build endurance and ensure you’re not being too hard on your body. 

Final thoughts 

Getting fit and healthy takes time, and you need to do what works for you. Cycling for weight loss as a beginner can be just as helpful as going on a diet or to the gym. It's just commitment and consistency, but you will enjoy it while you’re doing it. Cycling can become a recreational activity that can help you unwind after a long day. Shop our bicycle store online to see what you need to get started. We have everything you need from apparel, nutrition or bicycle spares. Or you can contact us, and we will help you start your fitness journey now.